Michael Greenberg

MSc Student

I am a Masters student in the Applied Bioscience program. I conduct research in the Computational NanoBioPhysics Lab (CNAB Lab), where I make computer simulations of the collective motion of twitching bacteria. When it comes to research and science, I am a renaissance man, familiar with biology, physics, and computer programming. Before coming to UOIT, I spent two years at UofT, where I studied Engineering Science for one year and Electrical and Computer Engineering the next. After that, I came to UOIT where I majored in Biology, minored in Physics, and completed my Honours thesis in the Molecular Microbial Biology Lab (MMBL). Outside of school I mostly like to play video games or dungeons and dragons. I like to plan things and create stories and worlds in my head, and I enjoy sharing them with people who share my interest.

Projects:      Twitcher Bacterial Cells      PhytoSpherix Nanoparticles

      Hendrick de Haan : hendrick.dehaan@uoit.ca       ||       faculty.uoit.ca/dehaan/cNAB.LAB