PhytoSpherix Nanoparticles

In collaboration with Mirexus Biotechnologies, we have been modeling and simulating PhytoSpherix(TM) nanoparticles. They comprised of carbohydrates in a dendritic fashion and essentially are nanoscopic balls of starch. These particles are produced naturally in sweet corn and thus are fully biocompatible (we eat them when we eat corn). They have a host of interesting properties when used as an additive and thus are showing promise as a safe and green option for modifying the properties - including the "feel" and absorbance - of cosmetic creams and lotions. In our research, we are investigating the use of these particles for drug delivery. Since the particles can be naturally metabolized in the human body, they are excellent candidates for attaching desired drugs or nutrients to be released within the body. In my lab we are using coarse-grained approaches (e.g., each glucose group is modelled by one particle) to study the overall structure of the particles and also all-atom molecular dynamics simulations to study the interaction between the carbohydrate chains and also of molecules of interest with the chains.

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