E. Bradley Easton

Research Excellence Chair in Electrochemical Energy Materials
Professor of Chemistry, Ontario Tech University

Research Interests

  • electrochemistry
  • materials chemistry
  • fuel cells
  • breath alcohol sensors
  • electrochromic films
  • conductive metal oxides
  • carbon surface chemistry
  • hydrogen production
  • electrochemical energy systems


  • December 2019: Our work on novel Ru@graphene oxide catalysts for water oxidation was featured on the cover of the Catalysis Science & Technology.
  • October 2019: PhD student Holly Fruehwald wins first prize in the Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells & Electrolyzers poster competition at the 236th ECS Meeting in Atlanta.
  • September 2019: Our work with the Zenkina group on mercury detection and removal was featured on the cover of the Journal of Materials Chemistry C.
  • July 2019: The Easton lab welcomes Zixian Pan, a visiting student from Nanjing University (China).
  • June 2019: The Easton lab welcomes Stefano Zago, a visiting PhD student from Politecnico di Torinio (Italy).
  • May 2019: The Easton Lab now has its own Twitter account - @EastonLab
  • May 2019: The Easton group welcomes two new team members - Mason and Peter.
  • April 2019: Prof. Easton is named the 2018 Ontario Tech Research Excellence Award winner in the Senior Researcher catagory
  • March 2019: Our university is now known as Ontario Tech University.
  • September 2018: The Easton group welcomes Rana Ahmad as a new Honour's thesis student (co-supervised with Prof. Zenkina) .
  • August 2018: MSc student Veronica Cavallari wins a Best Poster Award at the EEST2018 conference.
  • August 2018: The Eastonlab bids farewell to Jade who departs for UBC.
  • June 2018: Prof. Easton is named one the inaugural recipients of a Ontario Tech Research Excellence Chair
  • May 2018: PhD student Holly Fruehwald wins first prize in the grad student poster competition at the Spring ECS Canadian Section meeting in Edmonton.
  • April 2018: New funding for university’s Surface Characterization Laboratory 
  • March 2018: Congratulations to Jade Poisson for wiining top prize for her talk in the Inorganic/Materials Science section at SOUSCC 2018.
  • March 2018: The Easton lab welcome Paolo Piavano, a visiting MSc student from Politecnico di Torinio (Italy).
  • September 2017: The Easton lab welcomes new 2 team members - Mason and Jade.
  • August 2017: The Easton lab bids fond farewell to Dr. Jesse Allan, who started a new job in industry.  
  • May 2017: The Eastonlab bids fond farewell to Becky and Lukas, 2 visiting students from Cardiff University.
  • April 2017: Congratulations to Chris Odetola for sucessfully defending his PhD thesis.
  • January 2017: The Easton lab welcomes 5 new teams members: Reza M., Reza A., Peter, Richard, and Holly
  • November 2016: The Easton lab hosted the ECS Canadian Section Fall Symposoum at UOIT.  
  • June 2016: Prof. Easton and the research in our lab has been profiled in the news recently, see here and here
  • May 2016: The Easton group welcomes Valerie Bartlett and Holly Fruehwald as a new undergraduate research assisants for summer 2016.
  • May 2016: Congratulations to Mohammadreza Ghavidel for sucessfully defending his PhD thesis.
  • April 2016: Congratulations to Jesse Allan for sucessfully defending his PhD thesis.
  • March 2016: New NSERC funding for the Easton lab. Details here.
  • October 2015: The Easton lab bids farewell to Dr. Zishan Zheng. Dr. Zheng spent 1 year in our lab as a visiting scholar and has now returned to Minan Normal University (China).
  • August 2015: The Easton lab is on Instagram. Follow us @EastonLab
  • Accepting Graduate Students: I currently have openings for highly qualified graduate students starting September 2019 in the MSc. and PhD Materials Science programs (Materials Chemistry specialization). The research projects involve the preparation and characterization of new materials for fuel cell systems. Stipends will be competitive with those offered at other Canadian Universities. Interested students are invited to contact me directly.

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