My main research interests can be divided into two main areas: electrochemistry and materials science. I am especially interested in the areas where these two fields overlap. Electrochemical methods can provide a wealth of information about new materials. However, new materials can also present novel electrochemical challenges that often require the development of new electrochemical methods. My group’s expertise spans the areas of electrocatalysis, electrode structure, and membrane materials that have applications in energy systems and sensory devices.

Of particular interest are novel metal oxide materials as well as chemical functionalization of surfaces. Using these chemical methodologies, we design materials with specific properties for targeted applications, namely fuel cells, hydrogen production and sensory applications. We focus our studies in 3 mains areas: fundamental investigations of electrocatalysts, the design and characterization of novel electrode structures and polymer electrolyte membranes, and electrochemical sensors. We seek to gain a greater understanding of the relationship between structure and performance and find ways to enhance it. Students wishing to discuss potential projects are invited to email me or drop by my office at any time.

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