Ontario Energy Supply Network Modeling, Evaluation, and Optimization of Gas-Power Conversion and Supply Technologies



Dr. Hossam A.Gabbar, UOIT


NSERC, OCE, Industry

Industrial Partners

Hydrogenics, Veridian,  Intergraph,  MaRS

Project Collaborators

OPA, CNL/AECL, Whitby Hydro, 0thers



 Research Team




Postdoctoral Researcher


Dr. Aboelsood Zidan

Dr. Ahmed Eldessouky


Research and MASc Student

Mayn Tomal



Visiting PhD Student

Yacine Labbi

Previous Members

Research and MASc Students


Jason Runge





Daniel Bondarenko

Undergraduate Students

Lowell Bower

Devarsh Pandya

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Rabiul Islam

Visiting Students

Apurva Agarwal




The project is aiming to optimize Ontario’s gas and power grids to provide a better quality, more reliable, and environmentally friendly power system while satisfying regional energy demands and reducing generation cost. The project explores the integration of gas and renewable energy generation technologies within various electricity generation scenarios with the goal of developing designs for a resilient micro energy grid (MEG).


Successful Outcomes

1.      Modeling Ontario gas grid topology and physical systems within GIS

2.      Modeling Ontario power grid topology and physical systems within GIS

3.      Gas grid real time data collection in higher level around Ontario

4.      Power grid real time data collection in higher level around Ontario

5.      Evaluate design and configuration of hydrogen fuel cells

6.      Evaluate micro energy grids with gas-power technologies


Work in Progress

1.      Modeling of gas-power conversion, generation, storage, and transportation


Planned tasks

1.      Gas-power technology assessment with regional energy analysis

2.      KPI modeling of Ontario gas-power technologies and grids

3.      Multi-objective optimization of synthesized gas-power scenarios

4.      Integrated Ontario gas-power energy analysis

5.      Project reporting and documentation


Project target

An intellectual decision making tool for the generation and distribution of gas–power energy optimization.


Targeted Industries

The final product of the project is targeted to be the prime solution provider of technically, economically and environmentally responsible stockholder and industries for Ontario energy supply network modeling, evaluation, and optimization of gas-power conversion and supply technologies.

1. Governmental Energy Authorities: Governments are among biggest investors in energy technologies. The proposed tool allow government to model, evaluate and optimize gas-power conversion and different supply technologies. The output of the proposed tool will be the optimized power generation percentages for each technology with values for four key performance indicator (KPI) categories: Cost, Quality, Reliability, and Environmental Friendliness. Therefore, the proposed tool allow government to improve energy profile, reduce energy cost and emission.

2. Local Distribution Companies (LDCs): Local distribution companies are able to offer electricity customers (residential, commercial and industrial) with lower energy bills, environmental friendly, more reliable and more convenient energy supply.       

3. Solar Panels (PV) and wind turbine industries: The optimal sizing and siting of solar panels and wind turbines resources allows penetration of renewables and provides good opportunity of PV and wind turbine industries to market their products.



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Graphic User Interface (GUI) for Test Facility



KPI evaluation at zonal level