International Symposium on Non-Thermal/Thermal Plasma Pollution Control Technology & Sustainable Energy
ISNTP-7, June 21-25 ,2010,St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

General Information

The seventh International Symposium on Non-Thermal Plasma Technology (ISNTP-7) will be held in Atlantic coast of Canada, June, 2010. The series of ISNTP started in U.K. in 1992, and followed by 2nd in Brazil 1997, 3rd in Korea 2002, 4th in U.S.A. 2005, 5th in France, and 6th in Taiwan. The ISNTP is currently a biannual conference with topics covering the whole area of environmental applications with non-thermal and thermal plasma technologies for gaseous pollution control, water treatment, solid and liquid waste treatments, gaseous, liquid and solid fuel reforming, plasma assisted combustion, etc. Contributions will be presented in oral, panel, round table and poster sessions. The official language of the symposium is English. Selected paper will be published in special issue of International Journal of Plasma Science & Technology. This symposium is sponsored by the International Electrostatic Assembly and it member societies.

Important Dates

First announcement
Second announcement
Final announcement
Acceptance of abstracts
Full paper submission
1st July 2009
1st September 2009
20th November 2009
15th December 2009
21st January 2010
1st February 2010
June 2010


  1. Fundamental Atmospheric Discharge Phenomena
  2. Modelling and Simulation Atmospheric Discharge
  3. Acid Gas Control & Multi-pollutant Control (NOx/SO2/PMs/...)
  4. VOC / Odour Control/ODS
  5. Greenhouse Gas Abatement (CO2 /HC perfluorocarbons)
  6. Hazardous Material Treatment (dioxin / PCB / chlorinated compound / mercury)
  7. Indoor Air Quality Control
  8. Water Treatment (drinking/ground/waste)
  9. Sterilization and Inactivation of Microorganism
  10. Plasma Catalysis hybrid system
  11. Plasma Assisted Combustion
  12. Fuel Reforming & Energy-Related Applications
  13. Measurement Techniques and Diagnostics
  14. Other Topics on Environmental Applications

Further Information

Final Program for the conference is now available
Further details are available in the second call for paper.
For more detailed information, please contact the local organizing committee.