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I am interested and actively working in a variety of research themes.    I am interested in how stereoscopic display technology changes the design process for game and simulation developers and what are the underlying perceptual issues we must take into account when developing S3D content. 

As part of a Game Development program, I have a large interest in Game Education and also how best to change curricula to support academic rigour as well as industry-level skills.

I maintain a healthy interest in computer vision and sensing technologies and am actively working on investigating ways to represent maps for probabilistic methods such as SLAM. 

My background is in Computer Vision and Underwater Robotics as well as visualization in large-scale immersive displays.    During my PhD research with the AQUA Robot I investigated 3D modeling with vision and inertial sensors in an underwater setting.  In my MSc research, I developed a tracking system for CAVE-like immersive displays.

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