I am a Game Educator in the Game Development and Entrepreneurship program at UOIT in the Faculty of Business and IT.

Our game development program at UOIT provides a variety of challenges for educators.  Game development is a new form of multidisciplinary digital media that builds on a wealth of information from vastly differing fields.  There are facets from computer science, artistic content creation, psychology, management, finance, and design that must be touched upon for breadth while enabling students to focus on one aspect they can master to become employable.

Through my teaching experiences at UOIT since 2007, I realize that the goals of higher education are more learner-centric than I had originally anticipated.  I believe that a University education should focus on fostering:

  1. (1)problem-solving abilities,

  2. (2)creative thinking, and

  3. (3)facilitation of the development of a critical mind in our students.  

These three items are the core of my teaching philosophy which I employ in my course development.


Current Courses

Fall Semester:

Computer Animation: Algorithms & Techniques

Level: Second year undergraduate

Focus: Interpolation, Keyframes, Splines, Camera Control, Quaternions, Kinematics, Skeletal Animation, Motion Blending, Animation-driven Locomotion, Mesh Skinning.

Game Engine Design & Implementation

Level: Third Year undergraduate

Focus: Data driven software design, structure of game engines, analysis of engine systems, graphics systems, scene graphs, tools and workflow management.

Winter Semester:

Intermediate Computer Graphics

Level: Second year undergraduate

Focus: Shader Programming (CG/CGFX/HLSL), Special Effects, Real-time rendering algorithms.

Linear Algebra & Physics for Games

Level: First year undergraduate

Focus: Vectors, Matrices, Rotations & Transformations, 2D/3D math, Linear and Rotational Dynamics and Collisions and how to code them in C/C++.

Past Courses

Demo Reel Development

Level: Fourth year undergraduate

Focus: Self-directed projects to develop portfolio pieces and portfolio videos.

Game Design & Production 1

Level: Second year undergraduate

Focus:  Game Design techniques, Games as an Artistic Medium, Game Mechanics, Balance, Testing, MDA, User experience, Game Production Basics.

Teaching is my passion.