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Dr. Rachid Machrafi, Ph.D

Dr. Rachid Machrafi studied Nuclear Physics at the University MV in Morocco where he received his BSc degree. He did his MASc at Voronezh State University, Russia. His work was related to power monitoring of the pulsed fast 2 MW reactor IBR-2. He received his PhD from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, JINR-Dubna, Laboratory of Neutron Physics FLNP. Prior to joining University of Ontario Institute of Technology - UOIT, Dr. Machrafi worked in different international institutions and collaborations in Russia, Germany, South Korea and Canada. His work has been related to applied radiation science, nuclear energy production, nuclear waste transmutation, radiation detection for nuclear security and safety and space radiation. Dr. Machrafi worked in industrial sector at Bubble Technology Industries in Chalk River, Canada and since 2008 he has been working in the Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science at the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology, UOIT, Canada.