Qusay H. Mahmoud, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Professor - Department of Electrical, Computer & Software Engineering
Associate Dean - Experiential Learning & Engineering Outreach
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, ON, Canada
BioChem Euchre Deck

The amino acids and nucleic acids are units of two fundamental molecules of life: proteins and DNA. University and college Introductory Biochemistry courses typically concentrate on understanding the structures and chemical properties of the amino acids and nucleic acids as an integral part of understanding how proteins and DNA function within living cells. The Biochem Euchre Deck was designed as a tool for students to learn the structures and properties of the amino acids of proteins and nucleic acids of DNA.


This application was designed as a tool for students to learn about the processes of glycogen, carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism, as well as the structures and properties of macro-(carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

Heat Stress

The Heat Stress in Livestock and Poultry App allows the producer to calculate heat stress based on the measured barn temperature and relative humidity. The resulting calculation shows the level of heat stress experienced by the livestock or poultry. It provides the user with suggestions to reduce heat stress and improve animal and poultry comfort to help maintain feed intake and overall productivity. The mobile app integrates research and production information from OMAF and RA (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Ministry of Rural Affairs) publications and University of Guelph research on livestock housing. In addition to English, the app supports French and Spanish.

APK Linux

This is an embedded Linux distribution for ARM-based Android 4.03+ devices. It is meant to be used as a bare-bones Linux distribution with all the potential functionality of a full desktop. The objective is to make it easily distributed without the need to root your device. This app is meant for the power user, and is still experimental. In order to use it, you must have ConnectBot (or any other Telent client) installed on your device. Once downloaded and installed, simply press the APK Linux icon and the program will copy the distribution files onto your device and connect via Telnet. Altneratively, you may connect from your desktop using "adb" TCP forwarding on port 9000 and then telneting to localhost.


The Data Logger + mobile app provides the ability to capture data from all available sensors on your mobile device. This reduces the need for researchers to purchase expensive sensors or being forced to deal with obsolete technology. Data Logger + provides an easy-to-use interface for configuring your logging sessions the way you want, and a means to access the data in readable format once it has been collected.

ADWC Anatomy

This app has been designed for students taking the Anatomy and Physiology 1 course at Abu Dhabi Women's College. This course provides an introduction to basic anatomy and physiological principles from cellular level to the whole organism.

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