Qusay H. Mahmoud, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Department of Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, ON, Canada


On this page you will find information about my contributions to, using NSERC terminology, the training of highly qualified personnel (HQP) ranging from undergraduate students working on capstone and summer projects to postdoctoral fellows. You will also find information about PhD theses for which I have served as an external examiner.

I am looking for bright and self-motivated graduate students interested in the following research areas: mobile & cloud computing, middleware, and software engineering. If you're interested, email me your CV and a research statement.

In-progress (@ University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

Name Thesis Topic
Mellitus Ezeme (co-supervised with Dr. A. Azim) (PhD ECE) Cyber-Physical Systems
Imtiaz Ullah (PhD ECE) Cyber-Physical Systems
Cornelius Agbo (PhD ECE) Blockchain
Mohammad Jassas (PhD ECE) Cloud Computing
Harsh Singh (PhD ECE) Cyber-Physical Systems
Yosef Ashibani (PhD ECE) Cyber-Physical Systems
Viraj Patel (co-supervised with Dr. A. Azim) (MAsc ECE) Cyber-Physical Systems
Nelson Vithayathil Varghese (MASc ECE) Cyber-Physical Systems

Alumni (Graduate Students @ UOIT)

Date Name Thesis Title Last known at...
April 2019 Shihab Shahriar Hazari (MASc ECE) Design and Development of a Parallel Proof of Work for Permissionless Blockchain Systems view LinkedIn profile
March 2019 Michael John Lescisin (MASc ECE) A Monitoring Framework for Side-Channel Information Leaks view LinkedIn profile
February 2017 Ian Andrusiak (MASc ECE) A Reliability-Aware Framework for Service-Based Software Development view LinkedIn profile
August 2016 Yu Huang (MEng ECE) MEng Report: Design and Implementation of a Component-based Distributed System for Text Mining in Social Networks view LinkedIn profile
April 2016 Vathalloor Merin George (MASc ECE) Claims-Aware Middleware for Securing IoT Services view LinkedIn profile
February 2016 Abdullah A. Qasem (MASc ECE) A Framework for Provisioning Algorithms as a Service view LinkedIn profile
November 2015 Mohammad Jassas (MASc ECE) A Framework for Integrating Wireless Sensors and Cloud Computing view LinkedIn profile

Alumni (Postdocs)

Date Name Research Project Last known at...
Fall 2012 Lutful Karim Human Mobility Models Seneca College
Fall 2008 Eyhab Al-Masri Mobile Web Services University of Washington | Tacoma

Alumni (Graduate Students @ University of Guelph)

Date Name Thesis Title Last known at...
May 2016 Abdelwahab Elnaka (PhD) A Quality of Service Provisioning Framework for Traffic Flows in Networks and Applications view LinkedIn profile
August 2014 Daniel Vijayakumar (MSc) A Framework for the RESTful Provisioning of Community-Contributed Web Services view LinkedIn profile
December 2012 Sunny Dhillon (MSc) An Evaluation Framework for Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Tools view LinkedIn profile
July 2012 Nicholas Mair (MSc) Location Sensing using Bluetooth for GPS Suppression view LinkedIn profile
June 2012 Lutful Karim (PhD) An Integrated Framework for Wireless Sensor Network Management (co-supervised with Nidal Nasser) Seneca College
August 2009 Matthew T. Wilks (MSc) Mookee: A Ubiquitous Learning Platform with Web Services view LinkedIn profile
July 2009 Pawel Popowicz (MSc) A Framework for Mobile Application Discovery and Acquisition view LinkedIn profile
July 2009 Thanh Ngo (MSc) A Framework for Finding and Accessing Mobile Web Services view LinkedIn profile
July 2009 Robert Sydoryshyn (MSc) A Framework for Dynamic Content Generation for Mobile Devices view LinkedIn profile
July 2008 Eyhab Al-Masri (PhD) Quality-Driven Discovery and Ranking of Web Services University of Washington | Tacoma
December 2007 Razieh Niazi (MSc) Design and Implementation of a Device-Independent Platform for Mobile Learning view LinkedIn profile
December 2007 Brian Moore (MSc) A Service Broker Framework for Software-AS-A-Service (SaaS) Applications view LinkedIn profile
August 2005 Zhixin Wang (MSc) An Agent-Enabled System for Provisioning Context-Aware Mobile Services Data Coordinator, Lawrence Heights Community Health Centre (Toronto, ON)
April 2005 Mosaab Daoud (MSc) Reliability Analysis of Mobile Agent-based Systems view LinkedIn profile
March 2005 Wassam Zahreddine (MSc) A Framework for Adaptive and Automatic Composition of Web Services view LinkedIn profile
April 2004 Leslie Yu (MSc) Havana: A Platform for Seamless Iintegration of Mobile Agents into the Existing E-Commerce Infrastructure view LinkedIn profile
April 2004 Jerry Tyan (MSc) A Network Layer Supported Service Discovery Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks view LinkedIn profile

Thesis Internal Examiner / Chair

I have served as an internal examiner or chair of the exam for the following theses at the University of Guelph. (incomplete list)
DateName Thesis Title Advisor(s)
Nov 2012Tarek El Salti (PhD) An Efficient Framework for Routing in Fully- and Partially-Covered Three Dimensional Wireless Sensor NetworksD. Stacey/N. Nasser
Aug 2012 Samaneh Sheikh-Nia (MSc) An Investigation of Standard and Ensemble Based Classification Techniques for the Prediction of Hospitalization Duration G. Grewal & S. Areibi
Aug 2011 Younis Mohamed (MSc) An Empirical Study of Distributed Constraint Satisfaction AlgorithmsY. Xiang

PhD External Examiner

I have served as an external examiner for the following PhD (CS) theses.
DateName Thesis Title Advisor(s) University
Nov 2011Z. M. Aljazzaf Trust-Based Service Selection M. Perry & M. Capretz University of Western Ontario
Aug 2011D. Dyachuk Ensuring Service Level Agreements for Service Workflows by Means of Request Scheduling R. Deters University of Saskatchewan
May 2010A.M. Yunis Reference Model and Simulation Framework for Semantic P2P Networks N. Santoro & M. Weiss Carleton University
Aug 2008A. Roczniak Improving Robustness of Service-based Applications by Leveraging Inter-Service Redundancy A. El Saddik University of Ottawa

Alumni (Undergraduate Students @ University of Guelph-Humber)

Students in the Applied Computing program at the University of Guelph-Humber must undertake a capstone project in their final year. The work is carried out over two semesters. See more details about final year projects.

Date Name Project Title Last known at...
December 2007 Lorrie Chan (B.Comp.) Tools and Methods for Teaching Computer Programming Sheridan
December 2007 Oscar Echeverri (B.Comp.) Game Development for BlackBerry Wireless Devices RIM (Ottawa, ON)
December 2007 Randy Gallant (B.Comp.) Greenfoot-based Scenario for Teaching Java Faculty at Humber College (Toronto, ON)
December 2007 Neil MacLean (B.Comp.) Developing Games for Mobile Devices Honeywell
December 2007 Pawel Popowicz (B.Comp.) Bluetooth Soliciting (1) See above
December 2007 Robert Sydoryshyn (B.Comp.) Bluetooth Soliciting (2) See above
December 2007 Muhammad Tahir (B.Comp.) Computer Gaming Addiction -
December 2007 Matt Wilks (B.Comp.) Blutooth Soliciting (3) See above
December 2006 Shawn Bhuller (B.Comp.) Viral Investigation (why is Microsoft Windows more susceptible to viruses?) William Osler Health Centre (Toronto, ON)
December 2006 Andrew Thomas Hunt (B.Comp.) A Mobile Edutainment Environment Teranet Inc. (Toronto, ON)
December 2006 Robbie McLeod (B.Comp.) Apocrita: A Distributed (Peer-to-Peer) Searching and Indexing Application InGenius (Ottawa, ON)
December 2006 Joshua J. Reynolds (B.Comp.) Apocrita: A Distributed Searching and Indexing Application CleanCode (Ottawa, ON)

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