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I developed all the core mechatronics courses in UOIT's undergraduate Mechanical Engineering - Mechatronics Option program, including:

ENGR 3390U: Mechatronics (now MECE 3390U)
ENGR 4280U: Robotics and Automation (now MANE 4280U)
ENGR 4320U: Advanced Mechatronics (now MECE 4320U)
ENGR 4330U: Mechatronic Systems Design I
ENGR 4331U: Mechatronic Systems Design II

Below are some of the projects students have completed in my courses.

Search and Rescue Robots (SARbots) - ENGR 3390U: Mechatronics

The goal of this project was to design an autonomous Search and Rescue (SAR) robot, a SARbot, which could negotiate a debris field (a maze with obstacles) and locate missing persons (represented by LED lights mounted under the table).

Sumobots - ENGR 3390U: Mechatronics

For this project, groups had to design two autonomous Sumobots that would work as a team to eliminate the opposition team in head-to-head competition.

Line Following Robots - ENGR 4320U: Advanced Mechatronics

Groups had to design and build an autonomous robot that can follow a path of unknown geometry. The robot had to follow the path until it reached a wall. Upon touching the wall, the robot had to reverse course and proceed back along the path it came. Note that the design should be robust enough to handle varying lighting conditions.

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