Honors and Awards

· Awarded UOIT’s Junior Research Excellence Award;

· Awarded NSER Discovery Grant 2011 to 2016;

· Awarded NSER Discovery Grant 2006 to 2011;

· Received an Early Researcher Award from Ontario’s Ministry of Research and Innovation, 2010;

· Received the Research Excellence Award from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, 2010;

· Elected as the Outstanding Graduate Student among all PhD graduates.

· Ranked 2nd in the PhD entrance exam out of 100 applicants.

· Ranked 1st among all Communications Engineering MS students out of 10 students.

· Ranked 7th among all Electrical Engineering students in the Iranian nation-wide MS entrance exam out of 200 applicants.

· Ranked 2nd among all Electrical Engineering undergraduate students out of 120 students.

· Ranked 1st among all Communications engineering students in the Iranian nation-wide BS entrance exam out of 25000 applicants.