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Frequently asked questions about the Personal Web Space (pws)

If your question pertaining to the Personal Web Space is not answered below, please email the helpdesk or call them at x3333.

  1. What is the URL of my home page?

    Your home page is at (where lastname is almost always your last name).

  2. How do I upload files?

    Upload (and rename, delete, etc) files via FTP. Any client would do (though some are nicer than others). Connect to server Your username is your staff/student id. Your initial password is the one you've obtained during self-registration.

    Please allow some 10-15 minutes after registration before you try to connect.

  3. How much space can I use on this server?

    You can either use the "SITE QUOTA" command from your FTP client (while logged in to the server), or the disk quota check utility.

  4. I get a time-out on data transfers. Why?

    Please make sure you use the ACTIVE mode of the FTP connection. Some clients, including Filezilla, use PASSIVE mode by default and need to be adjusted.

  5. I can't upload files. The server tells me something like "552-STOR denied: quota exceeded: used 4294967294 of 10000 upload files" or "552 STOR: notice: quota reached: used 4294967294 of 10000 upload files".

    In rare situations, the database record holding the tally of your uploads may become corrupted. In such a case, please use the disk quota check utility, which will automatically detect and correct the corrupt record.

  6. I have accidentally deleted some files. Can you recover them for me?

    No, ITS does not backup files on the personal web space servers.

  7. Who is responsible for the backup of data?

    Each user is responsible for performing a regular backup of webspace data files. IT Services is NOT responsible for data or data loss and does NOT backup personal web space files. As a reminder, all PWS accounts not logged into in three years and the associated files will be deleted automatically.

  8. Is PHP scripting available?

    Yes. Make sure your PHP files have names ending in .php .

  9. Multithreaded clients fail with an error message like "530 Sorry, the maximum number of clients (1) for this user are already connected."

    Some FTP clients try to open multiple simultaneous connections to the server to speed things up. However, our server is configured to not allow more than one concurrent connection per user.

    If you are a Filezilla user, this will help:

    1. Select the 'Edit->Settings' menu option, choose 'Transfers' from the left, and change all three options for 'Concurrent transfers' to 1.
    2. - Open the 'Site Manager'. Select the site connection from the left that you are using to connect then the 'Transfer Settings' tab on the right. There is a checkbox labeled 'Limit number of simultaneous connections'. Check it, and set the maximum number of connections beneath it to 1.
    3. - If you've been trying to connect in the last few minutes, make sure that you are disconnected and wait about 10 minutes for the old connections to clear. Then connect using the Site Manager*.

      * Note: the client will not be able to connect using the quick connect bar - you have to use the Site Manager or it will not respect these settings.

  10. What happened to my password?

    Because FTP (the protocol used to upload files) is not encrypted, the personal web space accounts no longer can use the same password as for the MyCampus portal. You may have to reset your FTP password to be able to upload/edit your files. You will still need your MyCampus password for the reset procedure.

  11. What happened to my account?

    Accounts not logged into in the past three years are deemed to be abandoned and no longer needed. They get deleted every once in a while by an automatic cleanup job. Their contents cannot be recovered (also see the question about backups above).

    The same goes for accounts created and never used for six months.

    If your account was deemed abandoned and got deleted, feel free to create a new account.

  12. When I go to my home URL I see a directory listing. How do I hide it?

    Upload a file called "index.html" - it will replace the directory listing. This works for any directory, not only the home page/URL.

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