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Under construction or review

KVF J. M. Kaufman, L. van Veen and Y. Fossat "Screening for impaired glucose homeostasis: A novel metric of glycemic control", under review.
NVF E. Ng, L. van Veen and Y. Fossat "An intercomparison of standard and CGM-based biomarkers for type-2 diabetes" under review.
VSB L. van Veen, R. Singh and J. Breen "Flickering noise in bi-stable EEG dynamics" in preparation.

Book chapters

bBEKVP.-L. Buono, R. Eftimie, M. Kovakic and L. van Veen "Kinetic models for pattern formation in animal aggregations: a symmetry and bifurcation approach", in Active Particles, Volume 2, N. Bellomo, P. Degond and E. Tadmor (eds.), Springer, 2018.
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bVKK2 L. van Veen, S. Kida and G. Kawahara "Periodic motion vs. turbulent motion: scaling laws, bursting and Lyapunov spectra" World Scientific Lecture Notes in Complex Systems 6 (2007) pp. 187-202 (preprint).

Selected proceedings

p2VVK L. van Veen, A. Vela-Martín and G. Kawahara "On the Lyapunov spectrum of an ensemble of vortices" J. Phys.: Conference Series 1522 (2020), pp. 012007 (journal).
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PhD L. van Veen "Time scale interaction in low-order climate models" PhD. thesis at Utrecht University, June 2002, ISBN 90-393-3029-8 (download).
MScL. van Veen "Transfer matrix analysis of random tiling models using the Bethe Ansatz" MSc. thesis at the university of Amsterdam, August 1996 (download).