Timothy Davis

Health Physics, MASc

Topic: Anthropomorphic phantoms and Triage Training in VR

Research Interests: phantoms, dosimetry.


Hannah Graham

Health Physics, PhD

Topic: Environmental Modeling of Non-Human Biota

Research Interests: MCNP modelling, radiation science. 

MASc: Modelling a Fastscan WBC in MCNP for the Purpose of Calibration.

Lekh Ghimire

Health Physics, PhD

Topic: Retrospective Dosimetry and Environmental Low-Dose Radiation

Research Interests: EPR and OSL dosimetry, Radiation Detection and Measurement, Nuclear
Forensics, Nuclear Safety, Security and safeguards.

MSc: in Chemistry, MSc in Environment and Management.


Amna Hassan

Health Physics, MASc

Topic: Optimization of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Low Doses for Crustaceans.

Research Interests: Environmental monitoring.



Margarita Tzivaki

Health Physics, PhD
Subject: Dose Assessment and Radiation Effects on Non-Human Biota

Research Interests: Radiation biology, radiation protection, dosimetry, electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy, environmental modelling

Dipl.-Phys.: Scattering of Photon Spectra Used in Radiation Treatment from Concrete Surfaces

Jelena Vucicevic

Jelena Vucicevic

Nuclear Security, PhD
Subject: Return of Investment in Nuclear Security

Research Interests: Nuclear security regulations, physical security, insider threats

MASc: Risk and Emergency Management

N. Hamidi

MASc: Automated detection platform for SAMGs, estimated (co-supervised)

Martin Magill

PhD: Nanopores (co-supervisor H. de Haan)

Phillip Vilar-Welter

PhD: Emergency Preparedness


Callan Brown

MASc: Next Generation of the Radiation Triage Mask (RTM)

Joseph Chaput

PhD: Development of an Augmented Reality Capability for Visualizing Radiation Fields from In Situ Measurement

Kimberley Fernandes

MASc: Phantom for mass casualty detector evaluation

Natasha Galipeau

MASc: Wound dose

Sharman Perera

PhD: Modeling Wind-Driven Resuspension of Fresh Fallout from the Release of a Radiological Dispersal Device

J. Zic

PhD: Experimental Modeling of Actinide Aerosolisation from CANDU Pressure Tubes, estimated 2015 (Engineering Physics, McMaster, co-supervisor Dr. Boreham)

Former Members

Fawaz Ali, PhD,

Nuclear Engineering

Design and Characterization of Next-Generation Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counters for use in Low Energy Neutron Fields, 2014 (co-supervisor Dr. Anthony Waker)

Christopher Bellman, MASc

Nuclear Engineering

A Comparison of Three Computational Phantoms for Calibration of a Radiation Portal Monitor used for Measurement of Internal Contamination, 2014

Nicholas Chornoboy, MASc

Nuclear Engineering (Nuclear Security)

Determining the effectiveness of nuclear security through computer simulation, 2016

Lukas Felner, BSc

Visiting Scholar (Biomedical Engineering)
Electron spin resonance (ESR) as an appropriate method in retrospective accident dosimetry, 2017

Jordan Gilbert, MASc

Nuclear Engineering (Health Physics)

MCNP Simulation of Offline Core Dose in CANDU Reactors, 2017

Eric Heritage, MASc

Nuclear Engineering (Health Physics)
Examination of secondary electrons generated by encapsulated gamma sources to improve contact dosimetry estimates, 2016

M. Hosmar

MaSc: (Mechanical): Design and Development of an In-Situ Flaw Replication System for CANDU Fuel Channels (co-supervisor Dr. Nokleby)

Mark Manning

MASc: (Mechanical): Design of Localization and Power Systems for a Robotic Crawler Inspection Tool for CANDU Fuel Channels (co-supervisor Dr. Nokleby)

Robin McDougall

PhD: Robotic Radiation Mapping using Modeling and Probabalistic Analysis of Sparse Data (co-supervisor Dr.Nokleby)

William Scott, MASc

Mechanical Engineering

Coded Aperture Imaging Application in One-sided Imaging of Visually Obscured Objects, 2011

Joseph Chaput, MASc

Nuclear Engineering

A Generic Methodology for the 3-Dimensional Visualization of Radiation Fields, 2010

Fawaz Ali, MSc

Modeling and Computational Science

On the Integration of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulations with Monte Carlo (MC) Radiation Transport Analysis, 2009

Ragunathan Satgunanathan, MSc

Chemical Engineering (Royal Military College)

Determining the Particle Size Distribution of Aerosols Generated from Breakdown of Ceramic Pellets, 2007 (co-supervisor Bill Andrews)